Our Corporate Responsibility

From our policies and procedures as well as our corporate values, it is our ethics and our sense of corporate responsibility that define TIS-Worldwide as an organization. As a company, our duty lies not only within the realm of economic responsibility; we are equally committed to social and ecological concerns.

We are proud of the values that have guided us through our 33 year history, and we are confident that they will continue to guide us as we look towards a sustainable future.

Our values are defined as follows:

We value customers and recognize associates who demonstrate a passion for exceeding customer expectations and are proactive, approachable and responsive in their relationships.
We value integrity and require that all associates be honest, ethical and trustworthy.
We value teamwork and reward associates that are cooperative, committed to common goals and respectful of their colleagues.
We value innovation and encourage associates to be open-minded, creative, solution oriented and prudent risk takers.
We value each and every associate and demonstrate this by communicating openly and honestly with associates, respecting the ideas and opinions of associates, supporting learning and growth, recognizing achievements, and providing competitive compensation and benefits.
We value the environment and believe in making less impact on the planet and helping others to achieve the same goals.

Through a dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) effort, the company remains committed to its community outreach programs and to continuously provide a great contribution to environmental protection.